Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Someone says that my life doesn't seem interesting anymore.
It seems that my life kinda feels like those single, boring and not exciting life.
to say the truth, I do feel so. Hahahaha xD

My life nowadays seems like so normal, stressful at times, boring, etc.
But then I have no choice but to live that way at the moment.
But at least I've not turn into some wild partying girl I guess?? *winks*

Life at KL here is not easy.
I do not own transport here for me to go anywhere I want.
And I do not have a boyfriend at KL to drive me around.
Friends, I'd prefer not to disturb and trouble them too much.

Apparently I do not know what am I ranting about.
I guess its just that I've too much of stress lately and being so tired.
So I tend to be very grumpy and whine a lot.
Who says that taking 6 subjects is easy??
Its just January and I'm already starting to feel half dead.

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