Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day^^


Its Valentines today. I do not know bout other places but in my college, but it doesn't really feel much like Valentines cause I don't really see many people holding Valentines present or even flowers and the mood seems like just another day at UCSI. Well, a lot of special occasions have lost its special touch and mood already anyways. 

But anyways,
I'm here to wish everyone a happy Valentines day which I will conclude in a few sentences.
To all the couples,
Happy Valentines Day !!
May the both of you have a sweet, romantic and unforgettable Valentines =)

To all the singletons,
Happy V-Day !!
Although one might not be attached,
it is time to go out and electrify that special someone.
Or if not,
A fun and crazy night with a group of friends is also a good idea as tomorrow is a public holiday. 
(See, even the calender is helping everyone out *winks*)

Thank you for the wonderful roses *winks*

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Yin Mun said...

woah! nice roses! ;)