Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Recap of 2012

The year is coming an end and once again its time for a recap.

This year has been a roller coaster year,
as too many things been happening this year and until now I'm still trying to digest every single thing that has happened.
Overall this I changed so much this year that sometimes I couldn't even recognize myself.
Some people would even feel that I appeal to them more like a stranger nowadays.
But this is because I grew up and moved on.

I lost my dearest best friend of all times this very year,
but I did met a lot of new friends too.
Constantly challenged myself to learn a lot of things,
get out of my comfort zone.
Experience more so that I wouldn't end up regretting when I get old.

This is also the year that I somehow get to see many people's true colors.
Some good but mostly bad.
Placed my full trust on some people that I care,
but as usual it just comes bouncing back like it used to.
But nowadays I tend to bounce back stronger and faster than ever.
Proving people wrong and that I can live a better life than them.

As what I did beginning of the year,
This will be a monthly update of what's been going on in my life this whole year.
Please take note that this is a super duper incredibly long blog post,
so please stop reading if you are not prepared. =D
Let's start from April where I stopped.

April 2012
One of the worst months of the year,
technically should be fun as I had a trip to Taiwan.
Taiwan was great and awesome,
but one news during the trip killed all the joy.
Which is the passing of my best friend of all time, Jeff.

Couldn't really believe that he just left like that without even telling anyone,
but to just leave a note for us.
I was devastated. Couldn't even bring myself to take that first glance during his funeral.
Sat down there for hours basically doing nothing but just replaying all the moments that we had together.
Until this very day,
although I've accepted his passing I'll still think of him every now and then.
Hoping that he's happier now in heaven.

May 2012
Semester break ended and it marks the beginning of a new semester.
One of the hardest semester for me as I had so much to deal with after Jeff's absence. 
Was glad that at least another close friend was there for me most of the time,
and I slowly got through it.
It was also then I really start to put in effort and commitment towards dodgeball to divide my attention elsewhere.

During this very month was also my dearest cousin, Jaqueline's wedding.
Was asked to be the maid of honor for her wedding.
I was so excited yet a little nervous as its my first time being a maid of honor myself.
Overall the wedding went well,
everyone was happy and I'm very happy for the sweet couple as well.

June 2012
June is when the uni is all super busy and active as there are tons of events going on during this very month.
I myself was involved in 2 big uni events which makes me a super duper busy woman this month.
One event was organized by UCSI Dance Club which is called 'Back 2 Street'.
This event was a big success as it achieved full house which more than 500 pax attended the event.
And during this event I was the Programme Director.
Was glad that all these years of experience doing performance events such as dance performances really helped me this round,
as first time in my life at UCSI an event can run this smooth.
Really want to thank to those that recruited me back to organize this event.

And just few days after that event was a major event by UCSI Student Council which is called 'Miles for Lives Charity Run'.
Few months back was recruited by my dear friend Jesmyn to be her assistant publicity director.
Although I had no experience dealing with publicity,
I still accepted the offer as I wanted to expose and challenge myself at the same time.
The event can be counted as also a success as we managed to get around 700 pax of participants to join which is one of UCSI's biggest event for the year.
The organizing committee was awesome to work with and I had fun and learned a lot at the same time.

July 2012
In July things died down a bit in order for me to get back on track with studies and all as the semester was ending soon.
Was looking forward to August as I had a long semester break.

August 2012
Surprisingly August came and went quieter than I expected.
Spent most of my holiday at my dear friend Sean's newly opened bakery, Breadboss Bakery.
Happy for him that he finally has his own bakery shop and as a friend I try my level best to help out whenever I can.

September 2012
Ahhhhhhh.. The birthday month. hahaha
Turned 21 in this very month.
My 21st birthday wasn't really a grand party or whatever,
just a small gathering with few close friends drinking at Changkat.
And as expected,
got drunk but still managed to go to office the next day.

And speaking about office,
September is also when I just started my 4 months internship with Grey Advertising.
Was sent to do account servicing for Guinness Anchor Berhad.
Initially was nervous as I had no single idea of what is going on in advertising agency.
But my bosses were very nice and I learned a lot of things.

For dodgeball,
There was a very big competition going on then called 'Campus Dodgeball League 2012'.
One of the biggest annual competitions in Malaysia.
Didn't win anything then,
but still it was a good experience.

October - November 2012
To me this 2 months went by very fast as I was constantly very busy with internship.
Colleagues and bosses treated me more of like a permanent rather than just an intern which I got exposed to a lot more things.

But also due to the fact that I'm so busy with work and all,
I ended up neglecting friends around me.
People that I care or care for me.
I ended up being in my own world, more isolated than before.
Became distant and even cold at one point.
But slowly I started to snap out of it.

December 2012
Last month of the year,
and doomsday was also supposed to happen during this very month.
(But obviously it did not happen as you are currently still reading this.. hahaha)

My last month of internship,
felt that time passed so fast as its ending soon.
But just before this all ended,
I got a job offer from my account director and general manager to continue work as a permanent.
Was so happy and excited as I really liked my boss and I want to continue working for her.
So as scheduled I will start work this coming January,
which is like in a few weeks time ;)

Christmas just passed and my Christmas was just normal.
Few days before Christmas there was parties, dinners, gathering and presents.
But on Christmas day itself was spent at home moving rooms.
Not a way to spend Christmas but this was what happened.

My wonderful yet crazy colleague Jia Vern and awesome yet cute boss Sue Lynn =D

Lovely pressie from the boss =D

My secret santa this year was so sweet treating me with chocolate and candy bars.

Last but not least, pink Christmas angel to end the post ;)

It's just another few more days til the beginning of yet another new year,
so basically that's all of what's going on this year for me.
What about you? =D

Till then,
Ciaoo ^^

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