Monday, April 26, 2010


Saturday. Gone.
Sunday. Gone.
Monday. Gone.
Tuesday. In an hour.
Wednesday. In 25 hours time!!

Oh wowww...
Monday has already passed..
So fast..
Today I had my last time of dance practice with the crew before I leave to KL..
Although it was just a short practice,
but still managed to learn something new.
Will definitely miss everyone in Synergy..
Miss you guys tons ~!! XOXOXO

After the practice,
All of Re-up's hotties decided to make me a VERY 幸福 girl by giving me a farewell dinner party...
The guys are always that great and funny and entertaining..haha
Will definitely miss you guys a whole lot too ~!!

Received a present from VNee before we left to dinner..
Its very nice and sweet..
Thanks VNee ~!!
Will definitely also miss you a whole lot oh :)

And lastly,

This place is one of the places that I will miss the most ~!!!
This place is like my second home..
Everyone there is like my family..
I really wished to stay longer oh now.... :(

But well,
A new life awaits me at the other side..
Good luck to myself then XD

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