Friday, July 16, 2010

The world will always be cruel.

I just read someone's personal article just now..
It made me really think..
What I did before is right or wrong..
Been sharing this kind of experience with other people..
I mostly get answers that say what I did is right..
Some say I'm a softie for not being cruel enough..
While a few said behind me that I'm mean in some way..

It really makes me think and realise..
What is going on with this world..
We're in the same place..
But then why can I meet 2 groups of very very different people..
1 group where I really can connect and enjoyed my undergraduate life,
while another group is not so bad but then it feels that I can't link to them somehow..

Some words in that article maybe hurted me in some way..
Yeah.. I do know that I'm weak in some languages..
I do admit it..
But then I pushed it aside when I know that I do not need it anymore..
Instead I try to work harder for things that I need in the future..
It surprises me to see such a feedback..
But then oh well...
No one is perfect..

But after reading the whole post...
Some tears actually dropped..
It shows that how much I was affected by what this person wrote..

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