Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thoughts for the semester.

Although my first semester have not officially finished yet.
But here are some thoughts and incidents that I cannot forget for this first semester.

Thoughts for this semester :-

1. Looks can be deceiving.
Some people are not who you think they are. Including me. XD

2. Do not rely on other people to do their own work.
Some people just love to procrastinate and expect you to do their work.

3. Do not think that you know me.
Some people here thinks that they know me but sadly NO.
I am not who you think I am and do not simply judge or 'bully' me.

4. Please work hard for what you are doing now.
Some people seriously annoys me as it just seems that they take this course as they think that its easier compare to other courses.
2 words for you if you think that way. Damn you.

Incidents that I will never forget :-

1. Skirt dancing incident.
Ughhhh... I hate this incident the most and will never forget this. EVER.
For those who didn't know about this let me briefly summarize the story for you.
I was told to dance in front of everyone just to prove that I know how to dance.
In short skirt, glasses, sandals.
I was like WTF ?!?!
Do you know how to use your common sense and brain to think ah??
I'm wearing this especially a skirt and you want me to dance..
It forever left me with a very bad impression and it never got better.

2. Formal wearing days.
Was told to wear formal attire for one of my subjects every first day of the month.
Was kinda excited first but then towards the last few times I got kinda lazy.hahaha
Cause we also needed to put to make-up.

3. Assignments.
Not actually the best thing I love doing throughout my whole semester.
But it actually depends on the subject and groups that I got.
Some assignments I seriously love them to bits.
But there are also some where I would just kill myself to finish the whole damn thing.
Learned my lesson and will be smarter next time.

4. Ex-roomie incident.
I had an ex-roomie which is kinda of a trouble.
The whole thing was just plain scary and I was glad that we finally moved out.
Not convenient to tell here.
But if you do wana know the details just ask me. :)


Siti Zaleha said...

Waa waa waa.. so fast already put up the summary of your first sem ahh? hehe... Can't wait to be back isit? :p heehee.. hey, iwanna know whats the "scary" story.. hehe.. tell me tell me.. kekekke

Micz_micz said...

Hahaha...I'll tell you when I go back deary ~~ :P

Ya wor... I can't wait to go back oh... But then when I go back during September I duno if got chance to see you or not cause I'm only going back for 3 days oh... :(

Siti Zaleha said...

HUH??? 3 days? why so short??? aduiiiii~ :(

Micz_micz said...

Cause those few days only got promotion price for the air ticket..
Plus I got class before and after that..

Plus plus my ticket back to KK is something like a bday gift from someone =)

Cassandra said...'s kinda tough this sem...but we are already overcome this isn't???will be smarter next time...
so far i'm extremely happy to get to know u....u'r the one who every time i talked to....
pretty babe, i LOVE u...!!!
i mean it when i said it....hahhaha...
thx~~~ chonun salanghae~~~^^