Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello Mr. Cool

YAY !!!
Lets give a warm welcome to my newest gadget of the family..
Say hello to..

Mr. Cool !!!

And yes,
after soooooooooooo long time of whining and complaining,
I finally got myself a DSLR..
Which is the Nikon D5000..
Super duper excited about it =)

And at the same time,
when there is the welcome,
there will always be a farewell.

So it is goodbye to Mr. Bling..
Goodbye and thank you for 'serving' me for this many years.
Without you,
lots of memories would just be a blur memory in my mind =)

So now its time to have fun with Mr. Cool *winks*
P.S. Mr.Cool's name is just temporary.
Will change it to a new one soon as someone thinks Cool is lame...hahaha xD


Sonia said...

how much u buy girl?:)

Micz_micz said...

Sonia- Ehh... Around RM1500 lurh...

SuMM3R^^ said...

OMG! U'VE JOIN THE DSLR FAMILY AS WELL?! omg........good for u though! =)

Micz_micz said...

Summer- hahaha...yaya..finally joined the DSLR family...But now got new family jor..Its the lomo family..Im so tempted to buy oh... LOL