Sunday, November 21, 2010

My beauties.

If you guys have noticed my previous post quite a few weeks back,
you might remember me mentioning about working as a jewelry promoter and setting my eyes on a piece of beauty.

YES ~!!
I've finally got the beauty.
I could not resist not buying that.
So I went back to the shop the day before I went back to KK to buy them.
(Which is like a few weeks ago.. LOL !!)
And I also need to specially thank someone for these.
Thank you =)

So here's the pictures of the earrings^^

Like I've mentioned in the previous post,
this jewelry is 925 silver plated with white gold.

I myself was very interested in the rose gold ones,
but then couldn't resist waiting for more than 1 month for it to reach to my hands.
So I straight away bought this as this is a new product and its still brand new =)
The earring also has my initial in the first place,
which makes me feel as if its for ME !! (too much of day dreaming xD)

A closer look of the earrings..
The stone that they use is not diamond but zircon stones =)

And finally,

The packaging^^
Together with the earrings also comes with a 1 year warranty card, gift card and a cloth just to polish wipe the earrings..
Btw, I tied the box myself using my previous training skills from the job XD

P.S. More posts to come.
Stay Tuned^^


SuMM3R^^ said...

wuah...NAIZZZZZ!!!! =D

Micz_micz said...

Summer- Thank you thank you =)