Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yeah, I know.
I've been in "MIA" status for a super long time.
Its just that I have been busy at times,
not in the mood at times,
and having tons of ups and downs at times.

Been spending my semester break back at my hometown.
Not trying to make myself too busy cause it is REST that I needed during the semester break.
And like what I've previously mentioned,
I've been going through tons of ups and downs.
A lot of them where only me and myself knows about.
I have been unhappy and stressed out most of the time.

But anyways,
Dance Delight 2011 is happening THIS SATURDAY !!!
It is happening at UMS recital hall and tickets are selling out super fast.
So if you have not yet gotten your Dance Delight tix,

You are still lying to me.
I ain't that dumb.

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