Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grow up.

We all will always grow up as every day passes by.
And like everyone else,
I too grow up.
Being a person that is stepping into her 20s this year,
I have very much grown into a more matured person compare to the same person a year ago.
So many things have happened.
Some are good, some are bad.
Some are happy, some are sad.

Due to some circumstances,
I felt that I had to grow even more matured compare to other 20 year old peoples.
Another extra 7 years of maturity to be exact.
But in reality,
I believe I'm matured enough for my age.
But then there are times when the maturity is just not enough.
Its not easy to be so matured.
I tried.
Tried so hard that I broke down at times.

But still,
I do not succeed.

Cause in the end,
I'm just a girl that is just stepping into her 20s.

P.P.S I'm just a girl who is turning 20 this year. PLEASE understand this. Thank you.

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