Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am proud.

Lately have been very lazy to blog,
mainly cause I do not know what to blog at times.
Today didn't really have class so suddenly remembered to blog of my favourite football team.
Some of you even wondered if I actually watch football.
Yes, I do watch football.
Been watching football since 14 or 15 years old.
I'm half a man too you know..hahahahaha
So back to topic,
Apparently Manchester United have been my favourite team ever since I knew about football.
I've never changed to any teams,
been uber loyal to ManU,
and I believe will forever love ManU.

Yeps, I do own a genuine Manchester United jersey but I never wear them.
Until today.
And also had this scarf if that is what you call it as a present from a dear friend.
Although I do not know why he bought this instead cause Malaysia is super duper hot which i will never ever get to use this =P
Anyways, to end this super simple yet SS (syok sendiri) post,
there are of course,
Camwhore PICTURES !!
(Yes, I know. Finally some pictures in my blog post)

Till next time,
Ciaoo ^^


Jlo said...

Glory Glory Man united!! :D


Micz_micz said...

WOOHOO !! YEPS !! Glory glory Man United !!