Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have a wonderful assignment to share with my fellow readors today.
I have this subject called English for Specific Purposes: Business Communication.
It is taught by a very weird minded lecturer called Mr. Phillip Wee.
And people who have taken his class knows that he is really weird.
So we had this assignment today,

And guess what is it ???

YES !!
Its a TWIG !!

We were told to write an essay regarding this twig.
You can write anything you want.
As long as it is about this twig.

So all of us were stunned.
We did not know how to react.
And the funniest thing is that he asked us to bring it back home,
bring it to anywhere we go,
sleep with it,
hug it,
kiss it,
etc. etc.

Weird right ??? 
Yeah, I know he's weird. 
So now I'm now trying to squeeze all my brain juices to write this essay.
He wants something interesting.
Not the typical this is a twig, bla bla bla.

Any ideas peoples ???

Nope, none at this side yet.

Final pose with the lovely twig that I have to "sleep" with =P

P.S. If you readers got any ideas, voice out peeps !! 

Till next post,
Ciaoo ^^


Skyler said...

first i need to know what to concentrate in those pics.

Jlo said...

Your lecturer got problem man! @.@ Good luck with the twig~


Micz_micz said...

Skyler - Hahaha..Just concentrate on whatever you want. I'm no pro photographer =P

Jlo- Hahaha..Thanks.. And I totally forgotten bout this assignment.. @.@"