Sunday, May 8, 2011

Long Distance.

A dear friend of mine who just had a break-up.
It was a long distance relationship of course.
And it kind of surprised me cause ever since I knew him he was into long distance relationships,
with other girls.
But all this while it was long distance relationships.
And I always thought that he was the king of long distance relationships. Hahahaha

This were his exact quotes:
                 " I know why long-distance relationships don't work out now, even in the strongest of relationships... It's not because of the lies, the cheating, the loss of trust. It's because of the love that exists between them is too strong, and all you feel is sorrow and emptiness inside, because all you want to do is to be with them when they need you there, and there's nothing you can do about it. "

Long distance relationships are always one of the hardest among all types of relationships.
Its because there is the largest obstacle of all, 
which is the distance.
It is never easy for couples to stay so far away from each other without really communicating face to face.
It takes a whole lot of guts and trust to make a relationship works.

To me,
long distance relationship = mission impossible
My thinking is that I can never survive a long distance relationship.
Mainly is because I do not trust myself, 
and I do not have enough faith.

But surprisingly,
it has been almost a year since I've been into a long distance relationship.
And I'm still hanging on to it.
Surprisingly I still can survive.
People have been asking me,
"Isn't it hard??", "Aren't you scared that your bf might cheat on you??", etc.
And I can just smile and say,
Yeah, its not easy to maintain such relationship.
There are its ups and downs.
But I trust him to not cheat on me.
If he does, then I will just have to break things and move on.

So the point that I'm trying to make here is that,
have faith in each other.
Trust each other.
Relationships sometimes may not be easy but,
it is worth it at times =)

By the way,
To all mothers in the world.
Thank you for all your sacrifices and pain.

Till next post
Ciaoo ^^

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