Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lomo-fy me.

Been having my semester break for the past 2 weeks and school is starting very very soon. Super enjoying myself while gaining weight every single day. For those who know that I got a lomo camera. Sent some of the films to develop and scan already and here are some of the pictures. 

Go to this link for more pictures.

So enjoy the pictures and do give some comment of what you think about it. =)

 Little girl is excited about the flight.

3 shots taken in 2 frames accidentally. But it turned out nicer than I thought.

I actually like this picture a lot but too bad its so blur.

Can you see me? *winks*

Strive further in life.

Till next post,
Ciaoo ^^

1 comment:

Jlo said...

i like the 3 shots taken with 2 frames =D the vintage feels of all the photos, love it <3