Thursday, August 11, 2011

People Chemistry.

Pictures of the food session at Sunway Giza are done.
The pictures are all in uber bad quality,
so my apologies to all.
Cause there are too many pictures, I decided to split the post into 2.
With peoples in this post and food in the second post.
Enjoy =)

Here's the attendees of the food session the other night =)

Monkey Vallerie Yam & housemate Kamien

My very good events partner,
Simon Ooi =D

Wonderful housemate Jue Ann & I =D 

 Simon and his lovely girlfriend, Pua Koon <3

The wonderful Vallerie playing "Big Two" aka Cho Dai Di

Sweet looking girl ^^

 Yeps, she's waiting for her food to be here.

It took us around 2 whole hours to actually wait and eat our food.
Its very slow and made us all kind of tired waiting for our food.
Picture credits to Jue Ann too as she's the second photographer of the night,
as I was too hungry and it killed my mood to take pictures. =P

Till next post,
Ciaoo ^^

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