Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I know I've promised that food post soon but I'm sorry to say that I might have to delay a little while more =P
Cause I did not had a great experience over there and therefore feeling kinda lazy to talk about that cafe at the moment. 
But as promised, I will do it this few days =D

I finally finished all my assignments and am having my first subject of final exam next Monday.
Haven't started studying though cause I have been busy getting back all my beauty sleep that I have lost during the past few weeks.

Had been playing around with photoshop recently and decided to play with this picture.
For those who have a weak heart, I suggest you to skip the picture. *ROFL*
Cause I kind of edited it to be very dramatic I guess =P
I still need a lot of practices with photoshop and hope that I'll turn into a pro someday *winks*

Till next post,
Ciaoo ^^

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