Saturday, August 6, 2011

My name is Holga.

Decided to once again procrastinate on posting the food pictures up due to another exciting event today!! Which is the event of me finally getting my very first LOMO CAMERA!!! I'm still so darn excited until this moment that I doubt I can sleep tonight.

It all happened this morning when a Mr. Someone comes looking for me at BBM asking me to come out as it is a Friday. This person suddenly came to KL out of the blue due to some work commitments and texted me. Although I'm having my exam on Monday, being a hardcore procrastinator I left the house and went to Pavillion to look for this guy.

Everytime he sees me the first thing he will do is to brainwash me into buying a lomo camera. And on this historical day, he finally convinced me to get one. We ended up going to this newly opened shop at Pavillion called The Click Shop to purchase my babe.

Well to cut things short, I ended up purchasing my camera and doing a lot of experiments to it. I can assure you that my first film is a TOTAL FAILURE!!

Last but not least here comes the picture of my babe!!

My dearest Holga 135BC with its very cute flash

Me and my very cute lomo camera!!
I was too excited about it that I didn't even bother how I look in the picture =P
Picture credits to Skyler Liew *winks*

P.S. Thank you Skyler for this whole 'historical event'. Its life changing. =P

Till next post,
Ciaoo ^^

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