Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Sabah Bike Fest

For bike lovers...
They would definitely spend their lovely day today at our 'lovely' Tanjung Aru..
Why would I say so??
Its because this year's Sabah Bike Fest was held at Tanjung Aru's beach 1..
And I...
Was quite lucky myself to get to see some amazing and handsome bikes..
Although I was quite late myself...haha
So here are some pictures for you to enjoy ^^

Sabah Bike Fest 2009 !!
This is where all the bikers from around Sabah gather and share their passion towards hard and cool machines..

Here are some of the cool bikes we saw..

Harley-Davidson !!
Love the rims !!!

Our model for the day !!!

Ducati !!

This guy ah....
We go everywhere will always meet his friend de oh..
This guy seriously got a lot of friends de ohhhhhh....
Go everywhere also YO !! Hi!! How are you, etc.
From Damai to Citymall to Tanjung Aru...
Tiring lah...

Old school scooter ~!!! Nice ~!!

Old school scooter and a modern Kawasaki !!
A mix of old school and new school bikes....haha xD

The bikers are ready to leave for the dinner..

A simple editing I did to this picture...
Hope that you'll like it ^^

And not to leave out...
A picture of myself !!!! hahahaha xD
The photographer of the day^^


Skyler said...

love the tattoo haha!

herokie_07 said...

i love bike
but,i still looking for the best
kawa or yamaha or suzu..
i like superbike..who can help me...

Micz_micz said...

Herokie_07 - I'm sorry but I dont think I can help you cause I'm not a pro in bikes..