Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Chap Pa Lang


Yesterday night went to watch a 1 hour experimental theatre performance..
This is my first time actually buying a ticket and being an audience of a dance performance..
Why so ??
Haha.. Cause I usually am the ones who stay backstage to do work...
The experience is totally different compare to any usual dance performance..
Its because the dancers performed just around our surroundings unlike the usual on-stage performance..
And due to this,
the dancers get the chance to interact with the audience..
For example performing along with the dancers for a short while,
communicate with the audience, etc.

And this performance actually made me look a little more forward to celebrating the New Year as it creates the atmosphere of the New Year that is slowly disappearing year by year..
The whole performance to me was a success as I enjoyed myself throughout the whole hour..
If there is a replay I would definitely encourage all of you to go watch..
But anyways,

I really loved the performance and I hope to see more of it !!

P.S. Shuying, too bad you couldn't go.. cause its just


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