Thursday, June 24, 2010

Showdown 2010 Top 6

Yesterday night I went to the live show of Showdown 2010..
The experience was quite fun..
The atmosphere was also not bad although small..
Witnessed live competition with all the battles and eliminations..
A crew that came from the same place as I do called Borneo Soul Breakerz was eliminated..
The whole event was not bad..

Due to the tantrums my cam's battery made..
I couldn't bring my cam out..
But managed to use my other phone to snap some pics ^^

Showdown 2010 Top 6

And yes,
yesterday night I met one of my fav Malaysian singers..
And its rare as I do not have many fav malaysian singers..
So here's....


Mizz Nina is the one of the right while the left is Showdown's judge Maple Loo..

My housemate, Cassandra and a friend, Teddy

Cassandra and I

And finally...
Brought another free souvenir back home that night..
If you'd notice the red circle below you'd see something black on my toe..
And yes..
Its internal bleeding..
There's this girl who keeps moving backwards while taking pictures without noticing anyone around her..
And damn her..
She just stomped into my foot..
Which its so sudden that I did not have any chance to avoid..

But still..
The whole event was nice...

P.S. Very racist.. You know what I mean ^^

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