Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weekday Movie.

Yesterday went to Midvalley..
The main intention of going to Midvalley for me was to go and get my 'precious'..
Ahhh yes... My 'precious'...hahahaha
In case if your wondering what is it..
Its actually just a DVD...
Yes yes... It is still called my 'precious' for some special reason :P

But because my housemates heard that I need to go to Midvalley..
They decided to join me and to also watch this movie..

YES ~!! The Karate Kid !!
Totally GREAT movie..
With all the comedy and action in it..
It is another movie not to be missed ~!!

P.S. I'm supposed to do work on my research paper as I planned this morning..
Someone's gonna kill me for this :P

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