Sunday, July 10, 2011

Unleash the street icon in me.

This 2 weeks is very stressing for me as its almost the end of the semester already and most assignments are due at almost the same time. Not only that, I will also need to organize a small educational event which is happening in 2 weeks' time. So yeah, I'm super stressed out at the moment.

So anyways, Skyler came to KL last week and we met up for a photoshoot. Had loads of fun with him although it was tiring and hot as I had to wear a hooded jacket for the pictures. Its not just another normal photoshoot where you just keep posing and look pretty. This photoshoot is more of showing something which you don't always see in other photoshoots. What is the trend currently happening in my surroundings is that people prefer to look at very fashionable and models who have that porcelain look in the pictures.

There is something more to photography than to just take pictures that do not have much meaning to it. Photography is to tell a story through a picture. A photographer's job is tougher than a storyteller as a photographer needs to tell a whole story in that 1 single picture while a storyteller can tell the the story by mouth or to write it.

This picture here is the picture that both me and the photographer liked the most among all. Its very cool in a way with the motion of the hood coming up.

You can find other pictures from here,

P.S. This is not the full album of pictures as some pictures are still in process. =)

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