Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cross on my hand

I have a cross on my hand..
I don't know why but this cross and the story behind it really affected me a lot..
Until now..
I've became real quiet..
I don't want to talk much to anyone..
Don't know why and don't know how this happened..
Although no tears came out when I went through the story just now..
But I was deeply affected..
I'm not in a bad mood or anything..
But its heart breaking to listen to a real story of someone so unfortunate..
In this world,
There are so many people in life who are way more unfortunate than us..
And we should appreciate every single thing we have around us..
Family, friends, lovers, people who truly care for you...
All these people are important people in your life..
Do not chase them away..
Do not cross them out of your life..
They might once hurt you but they still once cared for you..
Do appreciate as you will never know when will they really leave you..

I've lost some of my loved ones..
1 physically but the others mentally..
Its because I never knew how to really appreciate them in the first place..
That's why I drove them away..
Don't know whether they will come back or not..
All I can do is to silently hope..

P.S. I'm not trying to be EMO here...
But these kind of things really affects a person..

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