Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm 18

I'm 18 by now..
And have been hearing some things I have done in the past..
Some stupid and unmatured things I have done..
Truth to be told..
I never realised what I did was wrong until after I did it and then slowly realise..
Its always good to have some friends to be beside me to tell me..
And I always end up realising but then making the same mistake again..
But like I said..
Its the past..
And now I'm 18..
Everything changes..
And I do mean everything..
I guess I'm a different person right now..
I can feel I've changed..
Some people make assumptions about me..
But some of their assumptions are wrong now..
As I'm not the girl they used to know a year or few months ago..
I'm Michelle Chee..
The girl who turned 18 during 11/09..
The girl who started to have different thinking about people and life..

P.S. I know who is it..My 6th sense told me that's the one and I guess that's the one alright..
Nevermind if you don't tell me.. I know now...

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