Monday, January 25, 2010

Another random

PS : This post is dedicated to my Juniors ^^

Its almost the end of January and February is coming very very soon..
And what is happening in Feb is not only CNY or valentines or whatever...
It is a month that is very very important to all TTSS students..
During this month,
Our annual sports day will be held in our school field..

Why am I telling you guys this ??
Its because lately..
I've chatted with quite a few of my juniors..
And I've been listening to their complaints of this and that..
Bout what house no good, or what got last place or anything or even not knowing who is their house captain..

What do I seriously think is that all of this is fate..
We cannot just go complaining the whole sports day process about what is bad and this and that..
I've been there and done all of that..
Organizing a sports day isn't easy...
For senior 3 students who organize the event..
The process is like HELL..
And sometimes class choosing is just mere luck..
If you're lucky then you'll get into a very strong house..
If not then you're unlucky..
But these are things that we cannot keep complain and curse or whatever..

Like me,
When I was in primary,
One of the colours that I hated the most is red..
I never liked the colour cause it looked so bloody..
But then in 5 of my 6 years of TTSS school life,
I got red..
I hated it when I knew about it..
I got angry, hated it, complaining, rebel, and lots more..
But then the last few years I gave up doing all those things..
Cause I realise my fate is to be in red house..
nothing can change that fact..
Even now a lot of people thought that my favourite colour is red..
Cause I have tons of red things with me..
Although I do not hate the colour anymore but its still not my favourite colour..

As a conclusion,
Try to think from another point of view and try to support and appreciate your house as you may haven't seen the best side of them yet ^^

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